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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Under Ground (The Diamond Mini-Series Book 1)

Before I start this review I want to warn you that it will contain spoilers I got this book free form the author in exchange for an honest review and before I do that I will tell you that you should read this it was awesome and you will not be disappointed so without further ado her it is:

Under Ground (The Diamond Mini-Series Book 1) 
by J.M. Zuniga
Rating: 5/5

Left alone in a secret room after their parents were kidnapped, Diamond and Obsidian must take care of their younger siblings. But how? They are facing both the threat of intruders and the threat of starvation. Will they survive or will their fate fall into the hands of the intruders? Or worse yet, will they starve to death?

Enter the world of The Diamond Mini-Series. It is a mini-series of short stories, each one picking up where the other one left off. Follow Diamond on her journey of survival and life.

My Review:
  This was a fantastic and very well written story and unfortunately to short which I think is  a compliment I just did not want this to end and I will be getting the next books asap so I can once again dive into this story.
  We start off learning about the four young people left behind in an under ground room while their parents are kidnapped for information. Diamond, Obsidian, Kelvin and Mica have been drilled for this for a long time but when it finally happened they were not as prepared as they thought, they are scared and running out of food causing the two young ones (Kelvin and Mica) to become thin, malnutrition sets in giving us the biggest heartbreak  in the form of Kelvins death. as terrible as that is it also brings alot more information in the form of strangers who save Obsidian when he leaves the room to bury Kelvin. I cant wait to see if Diamond gets revenge on the people who took her whole life from her I liked that it gave her a bit more purpose. I also cant wait to find out more about the mysterious people who found them and whose parents may also have been a part of the whole thing since they also worked as geologists with Diamond and Obsidians parents.
I loved all the action and drama and I cant wait for more. Thank you so much to J.M. Zuniga for the opportunity to read this great book and I can grantee I will be reading more.
Happy Reading Friends!!!!!