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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Angel Evolution (Evolution Trilogy 1)

Angel Evolution (Evolution Trilogy 1)
by David Estes

When Taylor meets Gabriel at college, she is in awe of the subtle glow that surrounds him. No one else, not even her best friend, seems to notice.

Something about him scares her.

Is all as it appears? While Taylor struggles for answers, she finds herself in the middle of a century old war centered on one miraculous revelation: evolution.

My Review:
  I have been meaning to read this one for a while as I have heard so much about it, David Estes being one of my goodreads friends and many other on there have been talking about it. I was pleasantly surprised by this one not that I expected it to be terrible I just wasn't sure and luckily it was worth the read.
  I liked that Gabe being an angel was not dragged out like in so many other books he got right to the point with Taylor and although he lied like all non-humans do to humans he did it in a different way, by using half truths and although it was to use her for his cause I liked that it was different.
  I very much enjoyed that just because they were called angels and daemons the story was not about heaven and hell and a centuries old war  but about humans who evolved and found different ways of life. I don't even think this was about good and evil either but about right and wrong and loyaltys we feel to each other and our belief. They were called angels and daemons but not one group was entirely good or evil both group contained good and evil people and ideas, very good concept full of thought and reflection.
  The origin stories for the angels and daemons were cool although I will confess I had thoughts of spiderman while reading about the snake turning the first daemon. I still don't really know how I feel about the angels being daemons originally, I think it has something to do with the connection I have with these two words and the connection immediately made when you hear them and when I take that away its not so bad...still a bit weird but I can work around it.
  I had fun with these characters mostly Taylor I loved her spunk and independence  I felt bad for her at times she was so blinded and unaware that she was just a pawn being used in someones else's war but by the end of the book I was proud to see her stand up and prove herself. Gabe (angel) and Chris (daemon) kept me on my toes I wanted to trust them but there was so much lying and scheming it was hard to know who was really trying to help, I liked Chris better from the beginning and Gabe may yet redeem himself. I was so glad when Chris fell for Sam (Taylors best friend) and at first I thought he was using her to get to Taylor but I know he cares about her and it made it more fun to see the four of them together and then go  into battle together. All that being said I was sometimes confused by the flashing points of view, I have mixed emotions about this since I liked the insight it gave but sometimes it moved between characters to quickly.
  The ending battle was good and I am curious as to what they will do next and what their actions mean for both sides of the war. Overall enjoyable book and I see great potential for this series. 
Happy Reading Friends!!