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Monday, 30 December 2013

Blog Tour Promo and Excerpt- Non Fric-tion

Title: Non Fric-tion
Author: Morgan Parker
Genre: Romance Horor
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

After 12 years, 4 months and 1 and 1/2 weeks of marriage, his wife packs up and leaves with their daughter. So he writes an Indie novel. And it becomes a bestseller. Well, sort of. 
His fame brings him the lifestyle of a rockstar, and he has the fan mail (i.e. female undergarments, probably clean) to prove it. 
But seeing his fame, his wife suddenly believes in marriage counseling. Their homework: to create something beautiful for each other. 
So he writes Our Story, his literary secret-weapon that will win his wife back. But in the process he discovers that true love is more than just ticking the right boxes on a checklist..

Holding her always felt perfect, but at that moment it felt like pure heaven. She fit in my arms, she fit against my chest, she fit into my soul. When she breathed I breathed (okay neither of us had stopped breathing, but I swear if she had stopped, at that moment, I would have died right along with her).
"Emma" I said, using my chin to nudge her and force her eyes toward mine. I didn't want to use my hands to guide her because that would mean releasing her. And I refuse to do that, I refuse to let go.

Author Bio
Morgan Parker is the pen name for a shy and introverted banker. He currently divides his time between Toronto, Canada and his imagination. When he isn't writing or working with clients or relaxing at Balzac's with a medium non-fat cappuccino. Morgan Parker enjoys spending time with his family. And sleeping, preferably on a bed (the left side) but depending on the day, he can pretty much curl up anywhere. No, he is not currently accepting applications for cuddling partners...

He loves interacting with bloggers, readers, and fans, and if you consider yourself one of those, you can reach him through his facebook page. Although he doesn't particularly enjoy interacting with people who yell at him, he is always happy to chat with anyone especially if their criticism will help with his writing. So next time you're on Facebook, look for Morgan Parker and like his author page!

Twitter: @mparkerbooks

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Review- Silent Orchids (The Age of Alandria 1)

Title: Silent Orchids
Author: Morgan Wylie
Series: The Age of Alandria book 1
Rating: 5/5
A dying realm.
The ancient evil of the Droch-ShĂșil has been unleashed. 
The Orchids have been silenced… but for how long?
Daegan, elite of the Ferrishyn warrior tribe of Faeries, is charged with a mission to find the Sol-lumieth, a mysterious new power that could change the fate of all in the realm of Alandria. But he is conflicted by his purpose, and he cannot trust the motives of those he serves. He has too many questions and they must be answered.
Kaeleigh, a girl abandoned as a small child just outside Missoula, Montana, is now 18. She is trying to discover who she is and where she belongs. In her heart, she feels she has family out there… somewhere. Desperate to unravel the mysteries of her past, she embarks on a journey that will forever change her along with her two best friends, Finn and Chel—who have secrets of their own.

My Review

This was book of the week for my book group and I got it free on amazon (not free in Canada at the time of review, but free on Kobo)and let me tell you, you need to get a copy cause you will enjoy yourself I know I did. This book was a fantastic tale of Faeries, Elves, Shifters, a dying land, and that lands last hope a young girl who is not what everyone expected but may just turn out to be exactly what they need. Now if that doesn't sound awesome then go away cause this review is not for you cause I loved it and I am about to rave about it.
I have read my fair share of Faerie stories some containing Elves and Shifters as well like this one but not all, most of the stories are the classic summer court, winter court thing and truth be told I am a little over it, but that's what is so great about this book it is not that at all it is it's own unique take, and no this is not the only one with the difference I have read and enjoyed others (Mark of the princess for example) but this this book is now in the top of my fantasy list because I love how much thought the author put into this world, it's history, and the history of the different races and creatures that live within the world. I feel like I only got a glimpse of what was and what may come to be and my only complaint is the amount of secrets, not that people had them cause everyone does but that they would not share, it made me frustrated but I hope when I read on in the series I get the answers I seek.
The love able group of four were easy to get attached to and root for, but I am also a little suspicious based on all the secrets and unknown factors. I am very curious about Kaeleigh and I feel for her, wanting to know who and what she is while also trying to keep faith in her loved ones that they have her best interests at heart. I love her spunk and bravery, I am as anxious as she is to find answers, with Fin, Chel, and Daegan to help her I think, no I know she will be safe if not stumbling along a bit on her way. Daegan that big sexy mystery I want to know what his deal is and why he is so connected to Kaeleigh, I'm not sure I totally trust him I know he wants to protect her but I can't stop thinking about the crazy Queen, I hope his feeling for Kaeleigh win. Fin may be moody and secretive but I think I like him more, I believe his motives and trust he will do his best to be a protector. Everyone needs a best friend like Chel and I can't wait to learn more about her past and her gifts.
I bought book two when I was 80% done this one, cause I knew I would have to continue on, so it's on to book two and as I do I hope people are picking up this one and starting this fun and exciting series.
Also I really must mention that I love love love this cover it is very beautiful.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Blog Tour Review- Muse (descended From Myth book 1)

Title: Muse
Author: Erin McFadden
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Reviews
Rating: 5/5
The Brotherhood of the Guardians has existed for thousands of years to serve a single purpose: the protection of Talents, the mortal descendants of the original nine Muses. 

Twenty-one year-old Daniel Lyoncourt has trained his entire life to join the Guardians. Daniel is prepared to risk his life in order to keep his Talent safe, but when he's assigned to nineteen year-old Anna Saint-James, he discovers that his life isn't the only thing he could lose. Anna has no idea how special she is and knows nothing about her abilities. He must teach her to control her gifts, keep her safe, and hope that he can find a place in her life as something more than just her bodyguard.

All power comes at a price. Like all Talents, Anna must one day make a choice: lose all of her powers, or ascend to a higher plane, leaving behind everyone she loves.

My Review

*I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.** may contain spoilers**
This book I had high expectations for, since I read the summary and I was instantly drawn into the idea of Talents, Guardians and the unique situations they encounter, and let me tell you I was not disappointed in the least. This book had it all Greek mythology, a small mystery that I did not think was that important at first...but it was, A hunky Guardian, Adventure and even a beautiful story.
After learning the true disturbing nature of most of the talents I was happy that Anna was different, instead of using her influence for selfish personal gain she used it to inspire those around her to reach their true potential. I was worried everything would go to her head but she did not disappoint me and she even found a few lost souls to bring over to the dark side lol. I just wish that I could know more about her powers and what makes her so different, I do believe that many answers are yet to come so indeed I would like to continue on. Also after all the Guardian mess, which I must confess I did not see coming, I need some answers.
Daniel was a breath of fresh air, he was strong and masculine yet he was not a jerk or standoffish which has become the norm in leading men in my opinion. He had walls up yes but I believe he had a reason and he did not let it effect how he treated Anna, well he tried anyway. I just need to find out how I get me one of them, cause me wanty ;).
My only complaint is this book was not long enough I could not believe I was done, I wanted it to go on and on and the fast pace, continuous action, and very engaging made it pass by way to quickly. I LOVE Greek mythology and I really enjoyed this book and it`s take on myths. I will be reading the rest of this series and anything else I can by Erin McFadden cause her writing style was very enjoyable.