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Saturday, 27 October 2012

The Core (The Diamond Mini-Series 2)

The Core (The Diamond Mini-Series Book 2)
by J.M. Zuniga
Rating: 5/5

 Continue to follow Diamond and Sid in their fight for survival and to keep the core in the right hands. The enemy is closer than ever searching for the core, something so powerful it could sustain the energy of half of the US, but if it were to fall into the wrong hands in a society that is overwhelmingly desperate for energy, it could mean the end of freedom and lives. Watch as Diamond battles with the shadows of her recent past. Her struggle within could compromise the safety of those around her.

My Review:
  Well another thrilling and wonderful installment of the diamond mini series. I have now been left on the edge of my seat and I cant wait to find out what happens next. love love love this and I am soooo excited for the third one it may just kill me if I have to wait to much longer.
  The fact that these books are short stories yet leave such an unbelievable emotional impact still amazes me in two short stories I have become so invested in this world and these characters I have so many questions and I hope to get my answers soon. If you have not read this series yet I suggest you DO IT NOW!!! you will not regret it.
Happy Reading Friends!! 

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