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Monday, 27 August 2012

Past Reads

  Since I just started this blog but have been reading for a while I thought I would do a few mini reviews of a few of my favorites over the past. Here is the first one with more to come.


The Moral instruments Series (1-5)
by Cassandra Clare

I started reading these books last year I kept seeing them in the store and I just walked by I cant really tell you why but what I can tell you is that I regret I waited so long. When I wasn't reading one of these books I found myself thinking about them if there was one story I could make real it would be this one...I WANT TO LIVE IN THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!! Okay enough gushing and seriously I must tell you if you have not read these books and you love adventure, forbidden love, secrets and of course the paranormal then go get them right now. I am sad that the next book wont be out for a long time (Sorry I wish I knew and exact date) but this may be a series I read over waiting for the next book.