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Monday, 27 August 2012

Angel Fire (Angel 2) by L.A. Weatherly

Angel Fire (Angel 2)
By L.A. Weatherly
Rating: 4/5

In Book Two of L. A. Weatherly’s wildly romantic, action-packed trilogy, the angels are back with a vengeance . . . and they don’t have heaven in mind. 

In the wake of the Second Wave, the angel menace has exploded, and Alex and Willow are on the lam. Willow’s prophetic dream points them to Mexico City, where they connect with a fledgling group of angel killers led by the exotically beautiful Kara, an Angel Killer from Alex’s past. But the team remains suspicious of Willow, even after the more-experienced Alex takes over as leader, training them hard for a rush attack on the Seraphic Council, or “The Twelve.” This elite group of all-powerful angels is also under the scrutiny of Willow’s angel-father, Raziel, who has his own sinister plan to defeat them. 

What Willow hasn’t told Alex is that there was also a mysterious boy in her dream, one she felt overpoweringly attracted to. When brooding, gorgeous Seb shows up in the flesh, he turns out to be another—possibly the world’s only other—half angel. He’s been searching for Willow all his life, and when Alex enlists this rival to help keep Willow safe, he can’t predict what chemistry will pass between them . . . or how far Willow might go to keep Alex safe. Will their love endure or spell doomsday for the human race?

My Review:
*some spoilers*
   First of all let me say that this is a great series I really like the different take on angels its not your typical fallen angels bringing their war to earth, I was expecting to be reading another cookie cutter angel story but I was very pleased to find that I was wrong so here we go on to the good stuff.
 The plan to destroy the angels has failed and the second wave has arrived including "the council", Willow and Alex are on the run heading to mexico to recruit new AK's and try the impossible task of taking down the angels. I feel in love with these two in book 1(Angel Burn), Alex the lone, dark and brooding boy destined on revenge until he meets Willow (well tries to kill her but thats not important lol) a kind and beautiful half angel. I found Willow to be a bit flip floppy in this book when the love that is supposed to be so strong and everlasting is tested by Seb another half angel who feels that he and Willow are destined  to be together. I get that finding another one of "your kind" could make you feel a connection but I guess thats what a love triangle is, well this book has a love square if you throw Kara into the mix (and I do).
I was very heartbroken for Willow when she thought she was giving Alex angel burn but was VERY happy when it was all worked out, as much as I like Seb I could not see Willow without Alex after everything that they have been through together.
Raziel I found to be very interesting I know he is the bad guy a he is very twisted and evil but I think that was the draw in how could a man so evil make a half angel girl so full of love and compassion. I liked getting a look into his thought process and little tid bits of info from his end, although let me be clear I am still hell bent on his destruction but he fascinates me lol.
I really enjoyed the multiple points of view it made me feel all in and get to enjoy as the characters make their way to answers you knew but ALSO answers you never saw coming.   
All in all I found this book to be exciting and very well written it flowed through the action and the down time very well. 
This is a recommended read for anyone who likes adventure and love.