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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Read to Review- 97 (Rise of the Battle Bred #1)

Title: 97
Author: V.L. Holt
Series: Rise of the Battle Bred book 1
Rating: 4.5/5

Jane Burrows is the girl next door, well actually, five doors down from the new kid. She's happy with her life: she's got One True Friend, a set of wheels, and the best job ever, newspaper delivery girl! She's not even super annoyed when William McLeod starts following her around like a puppy dog. He's hot, after all. Except, what's with the spooky overprotective thing? What's with his stern opinions on ancient warfare? What's with his evasive answers to the most simple questions? Just...what's with William? If Jane's honest with herself, she wants it to be her! William's living on borrowed time. He's got three lives left before his number is up, and his dad is forcing the issue. No fighting again. Never mind the Lochspawn are hot on their tails. Nevermind they might be incriminated in four grisly murders. Nevermind the girl of his dreams is monster bait. He's supposed to sit on his hands and watch while his world goes up in Warloch flames? Yeah, no.

My Review
 *I was given a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*
The concept and lore surrounding this story was very cool and in my experience very fresh and new and I really enjoyed it, but I must confess I did have one complaint and that was the romance , I don't  really care for insta-love  I prefer to watch a relationship grow and although it could be argued this was not insta love I think it was close enough and I was also bothered by  the up and down when Jane became angry with William quickly, oh and also the blushing...okay so that was a few things but they were small for me because they did have sweet moments together and the story being told around them is so captivating and cool that I can see past it to enjoy the background and the growth.
I loved how the story was told from a few different points of view, we got Jane's, William's and even the evil Warlochs, it gave the story a well rounded quality that I really enjoyed. I think this is a wonderful start to what I think will be a great series, and with a cliff hanger like that I am anxious for book two and very very excited to see where we go from here. I am most curious about the Marine and how the Warlochs will use him to their advantage, and I also am interested in what the unveiling of secrets will do the relationships in this book. This was an action packed and exciting read, thank you to the author for the joy of reading it. 
Before I end this book I just have to mention Jane's list of "mom sayings" it was a cute little touch to the story that I Loved and for something so small it made a big impact on me :)