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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Eon (Eon #1)

Goodreads Summary:
Sixteen-year-old Eon has a dream, and a mission. For years, he's been studying sword-work and magic, toward one end. He and his master hope that he will be chosen as a Dragoneye-an apprentice to one of the twelve energy dragons of good fortune.
But Eon has a dangerous secret. He is actually Eona, a sixteen-year-old girl who has been masquerading as a twelve-year-old boy. Females are forbidden to use Dragon Magic; if anyone discovers she has been hiding in plain sight, her death is assured.
When Eon's secret threatens to come to light, she and her allies are plunged into grave danger and a deadly struggle for the Imperial throne. Eon must find the strength and inner power to battle those who want to take her magic...and her life.

Eon (Eon #1) by Allison Goodman
Rating: 3/5

My Review:
  I started reading this last December and it wasn't terrible but it didn't wow me and with so many other books on the shelf I put it down expecting to go back to it soon, well that didn't happen so when my monthly challenge called for the oldest book on your TBR list I rediscovered this all over. I gave it 3 stars because I did enjoy the book but I found the beginning slow and hard to get through so I would say I liked it but I did not love it.  I think the main reason I found the beginning slow was that the world that was created was so detailed that I got a little lost and maybe my limited knowledge of the  Chinese/Japanese culture was a hinder to my enjoyment of the story.
 My biggest problem with this book was Eon/Eona I found her a bit cowardly and weak she held everything to herself even after all the things people had done and risked for her, I dunno maybe they would have been more forgiving if she had been upfront with her closest friends or even her master, she wanted the power of her dragon so badly but refused to accept that being the mirror dragoneye came with the responsibility of protecting the realm. I guess all main characters can't be strong and fearful but I just wish she had been even a little more into the whole thing, although I will say after a while, a lot of pain and a few deaths she did come into her own a bit and maybe book 2 will show her true nature.
The last quarter of the book picked up and the battle and discovery of many things was exciting and full of vital information and even a stronger Eona, so even though I wasn't WOWED overall it was a pretty good read and I may not be in a big rush to read the next one but I am a little curious to see what happens so maybe yes maybe no to book 2 i have not decided yet.