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Friday, 21 September 2012


by Tess Oliver
At a time when society conforms to the strictest rules and most proper etiquette, sixteen-year-old Camille Kennecott and her guardian, Dr. Bennett, live a most unconventional life. They hunt werewolves.When unwitting victim, Nathaniel Strider, wanders into one of their full moon pursuits, Camille and Dr. Bennett believe they have found a specimen for their study. Finding a scientific key to unlocking the mystery of lycanthropy would end their late night excursions. Yet beneath the irresistible exterior, Nathaniel is transforming into a flesh-tearing monster, and as each experiment fails, Camille loses another inch of her soul to him. In a month’s time, she must face the prospect of destroying the boy who has stolen her heart.

My Review:
   I was not sure about this book at first as it is the scary kind of werewolf that will change and attack you and not the kind of story were they are warm and protective. It was a nice change of pace and an interesting take on the concept.
  Sometimes throughout the story I found Camille's obsession with Strider (Nathanial) was a bit over the top I mean I get it he is hot you are attracted to him but it was a bit much...that being said they did have some cute moments together.
  I wanted to hate Strider but the more I read about him the more I actually feel in love with him there was a reason he was the way he was and I was very pleased with the character development of him he went from a womanizing Ahole to someone I ws cheering for and felt bad for.
  I dont have much more to say about this one it was  a good overall read. I must sat that I do enjoy  the other type of werewolf story over this one, but Iam not sad that I read it.
Happy Reading Friends!!