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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Read to Review- Breeder (Arrow's Flight #1) by Casey Hays

Title: Breeder
Author: Casey Hays
Series: Arrow's Flight book 1
Rating: 5/5

Beyond the Village, nothing exists ... except devastation. A war waged by men and their hateful weapons long ago made it so, and my people--the women of the Village--are the only survivors. This is what our history lessons teach us, and this is what we are to believe. But I am sixteen now ... and I question everything. The Archer has spoken, but I have no desire to heed his command. I long for more. 

In a world demolished by war and ruled by the hands of Fate, individual choices have become obsolete. Essentially, there is only one requirement: Bow the knee to the wisdom of the Council without question. Many of the women in the Village have acquiesced to this mandate, including some of Kate's closest friends. But Kate longs for something more; she hears the call of another life. On the day of her sixteenth birthday celebration, the reality of what this means invades her with a vengeance, and she is forced to contend with her own moral conscience. Kate's destiny has always been the Pit--the life of the breeder--which she is expected to embrace without complaint. Her rebel's heart, however, refuses to comply with Fate's demand, and what she finds in the Pit draws her one step closer to finding the truth about herself and the Village. And it changes the course of her destiny for all eternity. Ages 14 and up.

My Review:

I received an ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Well this book was not what I had expected because it was better. I was just expecting another typical dystopian read which is not a bad thing I loved the genre and decided to read this book based a little on that (I also liked the summary) but I found this to be much more than just your average dystopian and I loved it.
I really loved the writing, it pulled me in right away and I found myself lost in the world because of the great but not over the top descriptions it was very beautiful and it made it very hard for me to put this book down.
Kate was great, a young girl ready for her life to be her own and sick of the Council and what they think her fate should be, I admired her determination to stand up for what she wanted and it usually came at a high cost but she stuck to her guns. I also really liked Ian but I found that he was a little rash when it came to Kate and I'm not sure I totally believed how strongly he felt for her but I'm definitely coming around and I am looking forward to watching them together.
Mona, The Council and the village was rather disturbing just when I thought it could not get any worse another layer of evil was revealed and I found myself shocked and cringing more than I thought I would but I also I was fascinated with the way things worked and how so many people can just accept this way of life even after all of the "disposing" of that was done. I loved watching Kate fight Mona it was so exciting but I did not see the ending coming it was not at all what I expected and it was also pretty great.

"...I feel free. Rebellion does that to you. It makes you bold about the cause before you've won. It plays tricks on your mind that give you hope."

This is an amazing book about fate and the role we allow it to play in our lives, this is one of those books that will stick with you, that will make you think and for that I am grateful and just once more I will say I loved this book.