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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Read to Review-The Archer (Arrow's Flight #2)

Title: The Archer

Author: Casey Hays
Series: Arrow's Flight #2
Rating: 5/5


It took some heavy convincing, a few white lies, and the death of her leader to pull her away from that village, but finally, Kate is with me. I have never felt such relief. I will keep her safe. I will protect her with my last breath if I have to. I won't let my fears get in my way. And in time, I will tell her the whole truth. About me. About Eden. Even if she hates me afterwards . . . 

The Village is a mere memory. The world stands before Kate a wide-open door to the unknown. It is her life now. And her greatest fear.

Her only comfort is Ian with his promises of a new life in Eden. A refuge abundantly full of every good thing. A sanctuary of hope. A place of wonder. A paradise where the Archer doesn't exist, and Fate can't reach her. Together with the other boys from Eden, they embark on a harsh journey full of harrowing surprises and heart-wrenching secrets that forces them to prove their devotion to one another time and again.

But the boys of Eden? Just who are they with their unnatural abilities and dark secrets? Will entrusting her life–her heart–to one of them place her in graver danger than ever before? 

Will Eden finally be enough? Or will her heart continue to ache for something greater?

My Review:

*I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

I must confess that I enjoyed book one a little more than book two and I think that is because this one was so heartbreaking and I know it had to be because that's life and even more so in this world but it made me very sad on many occasions, now I will say that I'm in love with this series and heartbreaking or not I will continue on because I'm totally hooked and that insane cliffhanger demands me to find out what happens, I am a liitle ticked off about the ending, to leave me hanging like that is just cruel especially since I can't get book 3 yet but as soon as I can I'm all over it.
I still love Kate she is strong and capable and I love the group that surrounds her on her scary journey to a new life.

"These boys from Eden are a mystery cloaked in rugged strength and equal tenderness."

I enjoyed the Eden boys Ian and Justin most of all and I really liked getting Ian's point of view in this book it gave me more info on Eden, Ian's super powers and also the insight I craved on Ian's feelings for Kate. Eden has a ton of secrets that I did not expect, it is not the utopia it was made out to be but the world is a crazy place and Kate does realize this eventually. 

"The outside world is no better," I say quietly "It might even be worse."

I am crazy excited for book 3 there is so much I need to know and so many people I'm hoping find the happiness they deserve, they have been through too much heatache as it is and I know there is more to come.

"Grief does not keep track of time."

Amazing series with amazing writing and this has become one of my favorite dystopians.

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