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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Release day Review- Radicals ( Blood and Fire 2)

Title: Radicals
Author: Frankie Rose
Series: Blood and Fire book 2
Rating: 5/5

When Kit ran from the Sanctuary, she left behind the ghosts of all those she killed. However, unlike the dead, the living she left behind aren’t so easily escaped. Her father and his men are searching for her, and they won’t stop until they find her.

Reunited with old friends, Ryka and Kit must put their trust in the man who killed Ryka’s father if they are to survive.

My Review
*Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review*
So book one blew my socks off and I didn't think it could get any better... well then I read book two and my brain and heart exploded (in a good way lol). This book was absolutely EPIC and I want to ride the high this book gave me forever, I am so amped up for this series and I can't wait to watch these characters fight it out and set things right. I will try to do this book justice and with my review, but I strongly suggest you get your hands on this book and if you have not yet then get book one as well because living them yourself is the only way to truly enjoy how fantastic they really are.
I usually have a bit of trouble getting back into a series when it has been a while between books, but the world is so well built and the story so engaging and memorable that after a couple pages of Rose's fantastic writing I was instantly transported back with all my memories and along for the heart breaking ride that is "Radicals".  Oh how this book broke my heart, I cried a few times and yes mostly at the end but heartbreak is only one aspect to this book it's also about love, sacrifice, family, and the fight for freedom and ones beliefs, and if you ask me just the whole entire package. The action in this book is so intense and real and then you are pulled into the emotional struggle of a girl who is only just learning the depth and power of emotion and  it is all done so smoothly and perfectly that I could not put this book down...I wanted to live every second and then some, I am not looking forward to the wait for book 3.
I can not believe I was left hanging like that, but I get it it's the power of the cliffhanger and they are all doing it, and I will say this Rose picked a GREAT way to end it, it was crazy wonderful how perfectly the sad and the determination could be felt all at once, I was so amped by the words at the end that I wanted to punch something (don't worry I didn't lol) I could feel Kit's determination and it sent shivers down my spine thinking about what's next .....oh my I just can't wait for book 3 this book was so so so fantastic I want more ASAP.
This book is all that and so much more I just can't say enough so please, please, please get this book and book 1 they need to be read by all!!!

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