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Friday, 18 April 2014

Read to Review- Code Human

Title: Code Human
Author: N.J. Paige
Rating: 4/5

Seventeen-year-old Fenesia Thornbark has it all--love, modest wealth, a family. She'd never imagined that she could lose it all in just minutes. However, that is exactly what happens. She loses her home, her friends, both her parents, all at the hands of her own people.

Follow her journey of love, loss, acceptance, and survival.

My Review
I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Let me just say first that I loved the world building and the characters, but I gave it a 4 star rating mostly because of the ending and I don't like to spoil things so I wont go into great detail about it but I was very confused and I bring it up now because I want to justify my rating because I really loved so many other things about this book.
The world around these love able few was very well done and I was very affected by the story right away. The authors writing flows so well I immediately drawn in, the narrative was different for me and I found myself really enjoying it. It was wonderful how the book started off with a deep description of the Shiller (an "underkind") and the many reasons Fenesia Battles with her feelings about how the underkind are treated really engaged me and things unfold very quickly, this book was action packed for sure.
Fenesia was really great, the spark of resistance was always there and I believe her unknown past and her parents secrets had a big part to play in that. Like I said things move very quickly and that leaves Fenesia very little time to dwell or feel self pity, she must grow up very fast and she must become a leader and to honor her parents and keep her sister alive, she finds a lot of strength and courage, and yes it seemed fast but it needed to be and I admire her for that. Little Anicy was adorable and I fell in love with her instantly, she also grew a lot it took her a little longer but she is 9 so I think it's understandable, I was really happy to see her get moments of childhood in all the chaos and as simple as it was it was sweet to see.
I don't know if there is another book but I really hope there is, it was a great plot and a great idea, but the ending left me confused and wanting so much more....will there be peace? Will Fenesia and Johnny be together? and my biggest question.....Did someone die? if you have read it you will understand and if you know the answer please fill me in.
I think people you enjoy a great dystopian read will enjoy this one, it is fresh, exciting, and best of all it will make you think about humanity and how we treat others.

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