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Friday, 11 April 2014

Review- Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3)

Title: Clockwork Princess
Author: Cassandra Clare
Series: The Infernal Devices book 3
Rating: 5/5

London 1873 shape-shifter Tessa Gray 16 is engaged to Jem Carstairs 17, dying of addiction to demon drug, all bought up by evil Mortmain. The "clockwork prince" controls an army of automatons to abduct Tess, kill the Shadowhunters, and blackmail Charlotte Branwell, head of London Institute. Will and Tessa hide their love, for love of Jem.

My Review
Well what can I say about the ending of one of my favorite series, well one thing is for sure I am not very happy to see this end, but on the other hand I was pleased with the way it did. I of course went out right away and bought this when it came out, but I didn't read it right away and I was not sure why until recently and now I know it was because I did not want this series to end. Now I will say something I was afraid to say before I saw others say the same...I liked The Infernal Devices more than The Mortal Instruments, that is not to say I don't like The TMI series I just liked this series better and let me explain my top two reasons why... 1) I was much more invested in these characters and not just Tessa, Will, and Jem but also I fell deep for so many of the others, Gideon, Sophie, Charlette, Henry and Bridget just to name a few, and even the villain's and characters I was on the fence about made me feel for them and yes it was mostly pity but it was feelings none the less and I love when I book pulls you in so deep like that that you feel.  2) The setting made for some beautiful language and interesting parties I love historical fiction I love the beauty of the old world and I don't know if it is because of the time period but the writing in this book is beautiful and in my opinion the best of Cassandra Clare's.
Okay now let's talk about Clockwork Princess, this book made me an emotional wreak, I cried several times, I was happy, I was totally caught of guard a few times, and best of all even in the darkest of times this book and it's fantastic characters found a way to make me laugh and love them that much more. I just really have nothing bad to say about this book.
Now I want to talk about characters, I will start with Tessa who I absolutely love, I feel like she will forever be at the top of my list of great female characters. Tessa was loyal, smart, compassionate, and had the unique ability to notice her flaws and sometimes use them to her advantage or at least be aware of them. The love she felt for Wiil and Jem was so strong for both and yet for such very different reasons, Woolsey says a quote to Tessa when they visit him and Magnus and yes the quote is wrong and Tessa calls him out on it, but it rings true in her case, we can not choose who we love and where our heart may lie but that does not mean it is meant for just one person and Tessa is prof of that.
Jem and Will I have to talk about together because they were two halves of the same whole in each others eyes, and well my eyes too as the series progressed. The bond between these two is more beautiful than any love story I have ever read, now they are not lovers, but the fact they can feel such a sense of family and brotherhood amazes me, if I could be half as close to someone as they are to each other I would be very happy. Will fights so hard for Jem's life and when he was on the road chasing after Tessa and he felt the Parabatai bond being cut, I felt my heart being ripped from my body, I had to put the book down and mourn the loss as much as Will did, and I did not think I or some of these characters would survive it, but Will endures, not perfectly mind you but he endures for Jem and most of all for Tessa because they need each other no one else in the world would understand the love and loss like they would for each other. I felt like this was not a love triangle but a love threesome and not in a sex way, but Tessa's heart belonged to both boys she loved them so much and Jem and Will had such a strong bond they just let themselves love Tessa without the need to fight over her at every turn, they all just wanted everyone to be happy and I think that's the best part of this series, it's not about who is better or who deserves it more, it's about wanting those you love to be happy even if it tears you apart. When Jem was revealed as a silent brother I literally dropped my book, some people said they saw it coming...well good for you cause I sure did not and I was so happy for what that did for Will and Tessa, yes it was hard to watch him go, but they got to watch him go live instead of watch him go to his grave and PLUS I do believe it gave me the perfect ending, one I didn't realize I needed until it was given to me.
Charlotte and dear sweet Henry, well what do you say about a couple who started off as an odd pair and became a great love story, but poor charlotte was always backed into a corner, although she had a great knack for getting things right even when people believed it was impossible, and what the consul told everyone was weakness was really a unique kindness and a trust that people earned and because of the aura she gave off everyone wanted and worked for that trust. When I thought Henry had died I became very emotional and much more so than with Jem because that one was sorta expected, but thank god he was okay and my heart was saved. The Lightwood brothers brought an interesting side story and a lot of humor, drama, tragedy and even some sweet moments, but my one issue was the closeness of the names, every once in a while I would get them mixed up but I loved them anyway and their struggle to find a place in the world where they can truly belong. I have always loved Magnus and I love him even more and I can't wait for more of him. 

This book was just all around awesome, the plot is engaging and so full and I think one day soon I will re-read this series cause I can't get enough of this world, these characters and this amazing journey. The end was beautiful and better than I could have asked for, and since we know Jem is a silent brother I can't wait to see his journey continue in the TMI series. So to end this off I am just going to say amazing job Cassandra Clare just AMAZING!