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Monday, 10 March 2014

Review- Out of the Dark (The Grey Wolves #4)

Title: Out Of The Dark (The Grey Wolves 4)
Author: Quinn Loftis
Rating: 5/5
Darkness has descended on the Transylvanian Alps.
Four packs of the powerful Grey wolves – in a rare show of cooperation – had joined together here in an effort to help their pack members find true mates. Then they were betrayed by one of their own – an Alpha hell-bent on becoming the most powerful of the Canis lupis. And though the wolf's assassination attempt on the currently-reigning Romanian Alpha failed, his plans to get Decebel, the Romanian Beta, out of the picture were coming together even as his treachery was discovered. The wolf fled, leaving destruction, death, and a missing mate behind him.

Unbeknownst to the other packs, the wolf has employed a witch to finish the deadly job and help him gain another tool to increase his power. A curse of devastating proportions will cripple Decebel in a way that may dissolve his fragile bond with Jennifer. Meanwhile, injured and alone, Jen has been fighting for her life. She had come to terms with her fate, accepting that she would not share a life with Decebel, until help came in the most unexpected form...

Vasile will have to use all his resources – including Sally, the new gypsy healer of the Romanian pack – to discover a way in which to destroy the witch, lift the curse from Decebel and reunite him with the one woman who makes him whole, and solve a mystery that's been surrounding the Romanian pack for 300 years.

My Review

 This series is fantastic and with each book I love it more and I fall more in love with these characters. I had started this series a while ago and other things got in the way, but then I found a hole in my schedule and decided to pick this one up and I was dragged (very willingly) back into this fantastic world of werewolves, Gypsy healers and now witches and fae, giving me more reasons to love this series.
I believe that the characters is this book are some of the most realistic I have ever read, maybe it's just I love how open and sarcastic Jen, Jacque, and Sally are and they seem to bring out the best in everyone around them, I think not only were they fated to complete their mates, who all end up in the same pack, but also to complete the pack as a whole, and yes they bring on some trouble but they bring so much good that it all seems worth it.
Werewolves are by far my favorite of the paranormal bunch and this series is the main reason why, the world is built perfectly and because it is from multiple points of view we also get  a look into the wolf nature that I think Loftis writes perfectly, I love the direction this series is taking and I can`t wait to dive in again.
If you have not started this series I think you should and if you have then carry on and love these books!

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