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Monday, 10 March 2014

Review Event- Blind Barriers (Blind Barriers serials #1) by Sophie Davis

Title: Blind Barriers 
Series: Blind Barriers Serials #1
Author: Sophie Davis
Rating: 4/5

*Reviewed as part of a facebook event, if you are interested in joining and you have a blog please check it out Here!

Raven Ferragamo is starting a new life. Taking a year off after high school, she moves to Washington, D.C., leaving her childhood friends, her family, and her problems behind. The clean break with her past starts off better than she dreamed when a hunky neighbor offers to be her D.C. tour guide. For the first time in her short life, Raven really feels as though anything is possible.
Lark Kingsley had the perfect family, the perfect future, the perfect life. Born and raised in affluent New York society, she was bred for success. Until one day things go terribly wrong, and Lark vanishes in to thin air. 
Seemingly coming from different worlds, the two have more in common than either could ever imagine.
What happened to Lark, and why is she desperately pleading with Raven to find out?

My Review

This book was free on Amazon and after reading Talented by Sophie Davis and loving it, I thought I would give this quick read a go (plus it gets me more entries in the facebook event so I do believe that's what they call a win-win). The idea behind this mystery was awesome, two girls who look similar from opposite sides of the tracks and on two very different journeys in their lives are somehow brought together by a journal and a disappearance. I was held captive in this book from page one to the very end, and I wanted to know more about these interesting and different girls. My only big issue with the book is that it was too short and it ended just when I thought things would finally be revealed, but that makes me want to get book two ASAP so I must say...very clever Sophie Davis, very clever indeed. I am always game for a good mystery and although this one was short it is a good mystery just the same, so pick it up give it a read and I have a feeling you will be wanting more by the books end.