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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Blog Tour Review- Untimely Return (An Untimely Romance 2)

Title: Untimely Return 
Series: Untimely Romance book 2
Author: J.L. Wells
Genre: New Adult, Time Travel romance
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours
Rating: 5/5

A curse placed on the Richardson family from long ago has thrust Dannika back and forth through time, wreaking havoc on the family, finishing what was started long ago. While cast back into a time that is terribly unfamiliar, Dannika finds her aunt, Heather Richardson, who had mysteriously disappeared years earlier, and encounters a virtuous man who is passionately in love with her. 
Back in the twentieth century, the Richardson family accused Ruben Brown of fowl play. Dannika knows this, and yet she needs Ruben for support and maybe more. Losing Dannika would be all the family could take, so Dannika must see Ruben at her own risk. Was Ruben innocent? Who knows. The circumstance of Heather's disappearance was too unreal, too unfathomable. But when Dannika is summoned back in time, she begins to unravel the secrets behind not only Heather's disappearance, but a curse that has brought her into a twisted love triangle that spans hundreds of years, a curse that has ruined Ruben's life, shattered the Richardson family, and sent Dannika's heart into turmoil. 
Unbeknownst to the Richardson family, Freesdon Manor was built upon a stone church where a wicked curse set the path for this complex web that is twisting through the fabric of time. Although she is strong willed, Dannika is caught up in a cancerous web of relationships, jealousy, and lust as she is thrust through time. Will she set her family free from this curse before it finally takes its toll? Or will evil rule the day? With it's physiological twists and turns, this must read time-travel novel brings generations together, unearthing a compelling family secret.

My Review
 I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review as part of a blog tour.
I read book one of this series in the summer as part of a blog tour and I really liked it so when the opportunity to read book two for another blog tour came up I signed up ASAP.  I have to say I loved this book and I liked it more than book one, that being said book one was a great foundation for the series it's just this one had a bit more mystery, excitement and stunning revelation, it held my attention and I read though it rather quickly, hanging on every word. This review may contain spoilers, if you have not read book one then it definitely will lol. 
First  I want to talk about the writing, it's fantastic, I felt the same about book one, the descriptions are so detailed and well structured I feel like I am standing in the middle of the picturesque manor or the surrounding grounds. I love how the differnces in the centuries is small yet done in such a way it's easy to tell when you are. This brings me to talk about the time travel aspect, now I think this is a tricky subject to write about, each little thing effects so much more when you add jumping back and forth, but in this book I found that the hodge podge that I thought was book one was really a perfectly laid out plan with a perfectly laid out exicution and I am very happy with how everything was wrapped up in a beautifully cursed bow and I am still happy about how it all went, even things that I thought were insignificant actually had their place in the curse of the manor and the people surrounding it. 
Now lets talk about the characters, I have to start with Ruben because I had a very strong negative feeling about him in the first book ( I am told his character has been changed a bit since I have read it) I found him to just be a terrible human being, with no excuses for his actions, well then I read this book and I was taken on a very emotional ride with him, I don't think I could every totally forgive him but getting such a very different look at his life and the giant bomb dropped at the end changed a few things for me. I guess like all the others in this tale he(they) was doomed by time and a curse, and they never had any control over what would happen to them. I think I kinda had the same ride with Dannika  as I did with Ruben, I mean I felt for her but sometimes I thought she was bratty and spoiled, but I think she played her part as best she could and I found more of a connection with her then I did with Heather (her aunt from book one) I felt like she was a bit smarter about the time traveling romances and I felt like she found answers a little faster but I think having Anna on her side and not as an enemy, well sorta, helped her out a lot.
The ending blew me away I was very taken aback and I am so so so so glad I got to read this beautifully complex and fantastic series, please get your copies today!!

About The Author
 Mother and Daughter, Judith and Laura, writing duo from, Staffordshire, England. When they are not writing they are busy looking after, and walking their four beautiful dogs. They are presently working on a number of different genres, and are really excited to see Regina Wamba work her magic on their forth coming covers.  They are both very happy to be published by Jeff and Amber Bennington of Nexgate gate press, Jeff is a big inspiration to them both due to his success with his own novels. The authors are presently looking forward to the release of An Untimely Return, the second in the Untimely series.
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