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Friday, 29 March 2013

The Rise

Title: The Rise 
Series: The Alexa Montgomery Saga Book 3
Author: H.D. Gordon
Rating: 5/5

Goodreads Summary:
The supernatural world in which Alexa Montgomery has found herself is on the brink of war. She is charged with the task of raising an army, defeating an evil dictator, and struggling to contain the bloodthirsty monster that lives within her.

These are things Alexa can handle, but when the person she loves most in the world takes a turn for the worst, Alexa's loyalty and determination will be tested in the most horrifying of ways. Will she be able to rise to the challenge, or will her love for her sister kill her once and for all?

My Review:

 wow, just wow I don't know what else to say. This book was just as good as the others if not better I feel like with each book I love this series more and more I just cant get enough. I love diving head first into this world and felling like I am right there living it with these exceptional characters. The one thing that has always impressed me so much about this series is that the books are so full of darkness and heartbreak yet I can feel the hope and love just waiting at the edges leaking in when appropriate and bringing me to root once again for what they have left to win. I find myself a little scattered as I right this, the book was just that good.
 Alexa is still by far one of my favorite heroines, she is complicated and bad ass and strong in her struggle to maintain her humanity and find balance between being Alexa, a warrior, and a monster, which I think she does well considering all the bullshit she has had to deal with in a short amount of time.
Nelly I think is the main thing keeping Alexa grounded, even now after all that has happened Alexa's undying love for Nelly makes my heart swell and it was for me that light of hope in the darkness, I believed that they could save each other with that love. Reading of Nelly the way she was after letting her power "out to play" made me realize that her and Alexa had more of a bond then anyone could have known and I am dying to see what happens next.
Kayden was his ever present and gorgeous self and that love scene between him and Alexa was hot and in my opinion perfect for two warriors such as them.....*sigh* in my top five for sure!!!!
The whole Jackson thing had my head spinning and my heart breaking, I believe he meant well but being the son of one of the most evil of evil people in my opinion he was brain washed and lied to making it hard for him to know what was right. I just wanted him to be good and maybe in his own way he was.
 Overall I love, love, LOVED this book and I cant wait to continue this fantastic series, if you have not started it or continued on (yes Justine I mean you!!!!) then I recommend you do!!!!!