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Friday, 1 March 2013


Biomites are artificial stem cells that can replace any cell in your body. No more kidney failure, no severed spines or blood disease. No cancer. Pharmaceuticals become obsolete. With each dose of biomites, we become stronger, we become smarter and prettier. 
We become better.
At what point are we no longer human?
Nix Richards nearly died in a car accident when he was young. Biomites saved his life. Ten years later, he’s not so lucky. The Halfskin Laws decree a human composed of 50% biomites is no longer human. Halfskins have no legal rights and will have their biomites shutdown. It’s not called murder, merely deactivation. 
Cali Richards has been Nix’s legal guardian since their parents died. She has lost far too many people in her life to let the government take Nix. She is a nanobiometric engineer and will discover how to hide him. But even brilliance can succumb to the pressure of suffering. And technology can’t cure insanity.

Cali and Nix keep a slippery grip on reality as they elude a maniacal federal agent dedicated to saving humanity from what he calls 'The Biomite Plague"

Halfskin by Tony Bertauski
Rating: 3/5

My Review:

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This was a new and different concept for me and I thought that the idea was well established and believable but the story was a bit blah for me, but I will say the conspiracy theorist in me was pleased by the 1984 reference:
  "I mean, Big Brother was just a pea shooter compared to M0ther."
and I did enjoy all the scientific back round with the Biomites and M0ther but the story itself was not that exciting.
Cali and Nix were a cute pair, a brother sister duo whose main purpose in life seems to be to protect and care for one another through the many hard times they faced and I was rooting for them to succeed. When I read the summary I thought the book would be about Nix, but it was more about the struggle between Cali and the God fearing man hell bent on destroying Biomites, Marcus Anderson, and it was good just not what I expected.
The big turn off for me was the M0ther stories peppered into the book all over the place and although they were pretty cool and informative they would mess up my rhythm of the book and I found it a little random.
The ending was a BIG shocker for me I did not see that coming but the excitement showed up a bit late and as good as it was it did not save it for me. Overall this book was okay but it did not wow me or leave me hungry for more.