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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Phoenix Angel (Shardwell Series Book 1)

Title: Phoenix Angel
Series: Shardwell series book 1
Authors: A. Gerry and C. Hall

Goodreads Summary:
What is happening to us? I’ve asked this question a thousand times, but there is no answer.

I was a normal teenager, trudging my way through senior year with my best friend. Then a boy named Kyle Spencer came to Idaho Falls, and since then everything has fallen apart. Something mysterious has passed among the three of us. We’ve developed terrifying abilities—strange powers that separate us from normal people.

Even worse, someone—or something—has taken a deadly interest in us. We never know when they are going to strike, or how to protect ourselves. We don’t even know who they are.
All we know is that they want one of us alive, and we don’t know who. The others they want dead.

Which will I be?

My Review:
I received this book free in exchange for an honest review and right away I want say I LOVED this book and I am so glad I was picked to read this. I think the cover is beautiful, I believe the figure perfectly captures the heartbreak that seems to be present for all the characters at some point in the book, also the green Phoenix was odd in an awesome way, so just overall Great. I liked the third person point of view it kept me guessing and added a bit more drama and suspense, I found it also made it easier to become invested in the characters. I thought this was a great first book for a series, it took the time to develop very well rounded and complex characters and gracefully leads up to a big reveal and twist, then boom we come to the end I was left wanting more and am so excited ti see what happens left. I love it I believe you should leave them wanting more and I did.
I found most of the characters to be very relate able and easy to root for, even when they were troubled it made them seem more human, they were able to both struggle and triumph in real world and paranormal situations handling them in the best way they knew how. I was happy to be along for the ride, even some of the `bad guys were interesting.
I liked Maggie right off the bat i understood her inability to trust after being hurt and putting up walls to protect herself, only allowing Lily in at first, the one person willing to put up with her, but also Lily is able to understand Maggie like no one else. Lily is the polar opposite she is bubbly and optimistic I believe they were good for each other creating a sort of balance. Kyle was like an all american jock with a little twist, I think him and Maggie are perfect for each other they challenge each other and with Maggie`s gift Kyle's honesty was something she really needed.
I did not expect the twist I mean I knew they had powers and I knew they had to come from somewhere but the revelation of where and why was NOT at all what I had expected and I was a good way.
The ending was great I mean yes I was disappointed it was over and the cliffhanger is crazy but it was also really really awesome, this book was a great starting point for what I believe is going to be a great series and I can not wait to see what is to come, and all I have to say is thank goodness I was also sent book 2 and I will be continuing on very soon. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes good writing and great characters.