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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Kyra: The First Book Of Enchantus

Kyra: The first book of Enchantus by Alex C. Telander
Rating: 3/5

Goodreads Summary:
Kyra is a teenage girl who has problems fitting in with school and friends and just her whole life in general; even her family seems odd. But when she closes her eyes at night, she is transported to another world, a place of wonder and joy, where she finds her real friends, and everything she's ever wanted. And then the day arrives when she is finally transported to this world, and it is just as incredible as she ever imagined. The people already know who she is, and when she meets the beautiful queen, she can't get over how much she looks like her own mother; even the queen’s husband looks just like her father, which is just weird. But her memories of her old life and old world are starting to disappear, and she has no idea why. Nevertheless, Enchantus is just as wondrous as it was in her dreams. But everything isn’t perfect. There is an evil in the world of Aisis Lip that threatens not just the kingdom of Enchantus, but every living thing in the realm. Its name is Jolus the Malignant and it wants to bring an end to everything, to enslave everyone, and become ruler of all. Kyra is the Chosen One, and she knows it’s up to her to face this Jolus the Malignant and try to save Aisis Lip.. Enchantus is everything she imagined it would be, and she doesn’t want to leave, but is she willing to risk her life to save everyone and everything? Is she willing to face this creature and try to kill it? Is she willing to fight for the once place she feels she truly belongs? She is just a teenage girl after all, even if she is the Chosen One. Can she really 
do it?

My Review:
 I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review so to be honest I liked this book overall but I can not say that I loved it, and now I will explain my 3 star rating.
 Okay so first of all I loved the main character Kyra she was an outsider in her world and although she loves her family she never felt like she fit in and then she finds the world of Aisis Lip with its small towns of people and the great palace of Enchantus and in turn she finds herself on a Journey destined to happen for thousands of years, which she accepts right away and I liked that there wasn't alot of her sulking and complaining like in other books I have read. There were a few other good characters and the existence of her family in both worlds in some form was an interesting addition but I found that the introduction of Doci the guide was what picked up the story for me and the two of them on a journey they never expected and finding themselves together they were very cute together. I also really really enjoyed the world that the author built it was a magical place full of wonder that I wish I could visit.
Now all that being said I will say that I had a hard time getting through the first half, it was what I would call a bit wordy and some of it I could have done without. I also found the shift from points of view to be choppy it was kind of weird how they would be in separate sections  and then all of a sudden they were all at once it was not hard to follow but it made it a bit awkward . So I guess overall this was a good book and again I want to thank Alex C. Telander the author for allowing me to read and review this book.

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