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Friday, 17 January 2014

Review-Child Of Stone (Shardwell Series 3)

Title: Child of Stone (Shardwell Series book 3)
Authors: A. Gerry & C. Hall
Rating: 5/5

I was engineered for war.
As an elite soldier of the Blended Coalition, I go where they tell me. I don’t ask questions. The mission. That’s all there is.
But somethin’s changing’. Gods and magic? That skrit makes my head hurt. Things aren’t what I fraggin’ thought they were—or was told. 
Turns out the Coalition is rotten from the inside. Orders don’t make sense. I feel doubt in my gut. Now I’m stuck, tryin’ to decide what to do.
But somehow, I got the feelin’ that I ain't gonna get a choice anyway.

My Review
I received a paperback copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I was also sent book one and two and I instantly fell in love with this series and I was very very very excited to read this installment, and in true form the authors did not disappoint and I love love loved this book and it has become my absolute favorite of the series and also my favorite of the year (of which I include 2013 cause it is early 2014). I really can not express how perfect this book is, it had everything anyone could love in a book and then a little extra, just because that's how awesome these authors are both in imagination and writing style. If you have not read this series it should be a must read for all, and if anything you should at least read this one but the whole series is fantastic and well worth the read. *This may contain spoilers*
So when I first started this book I was a little confused I mean book 2 left off in a whole other land and now we are in space with sexy Lieutenant Lance Kyleren a GAEL VIC soldier with bonded living tech that makes him a super soldier, well thank goodness the confusion was short lived as I was quickly sucked into Kyleren's world and then rewarded with the return of Raeylan and Margariete, I was so glad to see them return and even more entertained by the beautiful execution of how each character interacted and had their fates entwined.
I love the idea of the struggle between peoples belief in science and uncertainty of magic, but unknown to many it may really be one in the same:
"Gene snorted. Margarite called it magic; he called it science. So was he proving that magic was a force of reality? Or was he merely reclassifying that power into a branch of science? The paradoxical nature of the argument made him cringe. Perhaps it didn't matter. His art was of discovery. to define truths that could be classified, organized and manipulated."
It was so fun to watch them struggle with what they were told and what they were witnessing, we could all use a little belief in magic.
I loved how detailed and imaginative this world was, the fantastic mix of mythology, Scientific advancement, and magic was very captivating and I am in such awe of how wonderfully this world was built and how perfectly the story was executed around it. From the bottom of my heart I hope there will be more to this series and soon because I am even more excited about the journey yet to come for LAMIE and her crew of misfits ready to take on Kirion and save the Shards.
As happy as I was to have the return of Reaylan and Margariete since they stole my heart in book one, I was so excited for the addition of Lance Kyleren, I mean yes Raeylan is cute in his brooding protective way, but I loved Kyleren's wit and his strong personality that was able to match that of Margariete, I really hope that she will finally let down her guard and let Kyleren in they need each other even of they don't know it yet. The supporting cast of characters was also great but how could I expect anything else :). I found a particular interest in LAMIE the adolescent ship that was more a part of the crew than some of the Aon squad. She had a very interesting personality and a loyalty that I never really expected.
The depth of the underlying plot of this story is so perfectly written that I am so happy to be along for the ride. The complexity of the shards, the fracture, and the fight to prevent Kirion from attending his God like status over all the shards it is so easy to fight for their success, I could not ask for any more out of this book or series except that is continue forever and ever, and after reading this book I have decided I will fins a way to fit in re reading this series because it is so worth another go round. I love this book I love this series and I hope with all my heart more people discover this series and it gets the credit it deserves.

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