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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Blog Tour Review- Copied

Title: Copied
Author: S.M. Anderson
Publisher: Curiosity Quills
Release Date: December 11
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Target Audience: 14 and up
Distributor: Ingram
Rating: 4.5/5

Adopted off the black market, Alexander Mitchell, has no idea his DNA is copyrighted and property of military weapons giant Texacom Defense. Nor that his DNA is being used to develop an army of clones. When the company discovers he was not properly disposed of 17 years ago, they send an assassin copy,
BETA23, to terminate Xan and cover it up After he narrowly escapes BETA23’s first attempt, Xan teams up with Lacey, a genetically engineered genius he’s surprised to find common ground with— only they’re awkward together. Half of the time she stares at Xan like the science project he is and the other half…let’s just say Xan can’t keep his eyes off her lips. When they manage to capture a company copy by luck and sheer stupidity on Xan’s part, Lacey is determined to see the good in their prisoner to the point she believes BETA23 can be persuaded to give them the intelligence they need to keep the company forever off Xan’s back. Xan’s not sure if he can trust the darker version of himself, not when it means gambling with the lives of his family and the possibility of losing Lacey.

Copied will find a home in the hearts of readers who enjoyed Divergent and the
TV show Heroes. The novel contains enough action to engross male readers with a
romantic subplot that will captivate the fairer sex. Although Copied’’s main target
audience is teenagers the core of the story deals with ethical dilemmas that will trigger
a crossover appeal to more mature readers.

My Review
 I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review as part of the blog tour. 
When I first started this book I was not sure if I would like it or not, but with a crazy cool concept I was on board I was also pulled it with its informative nature and the deep thoughts this book made me have. The moral dilemma of cloning and genetic enhancement was definitely addressed in this book and I think it was done beautifully with the contrast of Xan and Beta, their differences were by no means physical or genetic but they were so different I had to remind myself they were both copies form the same DNA. I absolutely loved the moral dilemma and the depth of the story that had me in constant thought and I would have given it 5 stars, but something about the ending felt rushed and has me feeling left without true closure. But now I want to tell you the many reasons I enjoyed this book and why I think many others will too.
 Of course the issue of clones and "playing God" has been brought to every ones attention, but what I really liked about this book was it's complex simplicity, and yes that is an oxymoron so let me explain. There is obviously a lot of science and medical jargon involved in this idea and I have sometimes felt talked down to when reading books with such content, well not in this book the author found a way to speak to me on my level but still include the complexity of the explanation attached to cloning and genetic altering.
You would think having two characters with the same DNA would be repetitive, well you would be wrong. I think this book this book proved that a lot of who we are is based on our environment and the choices we make:
 "Brought up as he had been on the training compound, it was guaranteed that he would reach his potential. With parents, it was like throwing a pair of dice." (Beta)
I found myself attached to both Beta and Xan for different reasons and I also felt sorry for both of them for very different reasons, but the one thing they did have in common was how much I really wanted them to be able to find themselves and be happy with that person they find, I believe they both deserve that.
"His stomach twisted into knots as Xan staggered back toward the door. I am the monster" (Xan)
"Beta swallowed hard. He had never regretted hurting someone before." (Beta)
They both struggled so much with who they were and who they might be becoming, they had so much growth throughout this book I was glad for who they had become by the end and I hope they both will finally find freedom.
This book really had my wheels turning, and I really enjoyed the action, intelligence, and depth. I think lovers of Sci-fi, adventure, and mystery would enjoy this book and who doesn't enjoy those things so I suggest you read it ASAP.

Author Bio
S. M. Anderson (Sarah Anderson) was born in Lima, Peru. She has lived in seven different countries, on five continents, and speaks a smattering of languages. As a child and even young adult, writing and reading were
difficult for her, so difficult that she received extra help outside the classroom and was diagnosed with a learning disability. However, she always loved stories, especially ethnic folktales from the countries she lived in. It was the desire to create stories of her own that fueled her determination to overcome the challenges that came with writing. She has a BA in Art Education from BYU, with a minor in Russian, and a love of power tools. She has a growing family of three kids and currently lives in Springville, Utah.

This is by far the coolest thing I have seen...They need to do this with more books I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!