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Friday, 21 June 2013

Review- First Sight (The Ivory Series book 1)

Title: First Sight
Author- Melissa Crowe
Series- The Ivory series book 1
Rating- 4/5
Nicola Grainger appears to have it all, she is young, beautiful and gets whatever she wants. That is until she meets the mysterious and deeply troubled Vaughan. 

Vaughan is a 65 year old vampire who wants nothing more than to be human again. He loathes those who abuse the life they are given, the one he wishes he could lead. 

The two enter a forbidden relationship that sees them thrust into the middle of a vampire turf war with Ulrich and his rival coven. Loyalties are tested, who will survive?

My Review
 I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
     I found this book to be a fun read, I liked how the vampire lore was a bit different it had some fun add on's to the already well known vampire legends. Maybe it's because I just watched it but I found myself thinking about True Blood a few times as I read, I mean vampire club owner, vampire employees, the compelling, and also the way they die, but I think I am giving away a bit much. I just had to say they are similar and since I love me some True Blood that was not a bad thing at all.
     I liked how average Nicola was she was just a young girl trying to have fun with her face and experience all the things the world has to offer. I liked the people who surrounded her too like her best friend and the siblings that came with her. Her mom was my favorite she reminded me of my mom, she had a cute sense of humor, and I thought they had a cute relationship.  
    The bar seemed liked a cool place to hang out and I think it was a great place for the two lovers to meet. Yes Vaughan was hot but I dunno I didn't fall head over heals for him. I liked Nicola and Vaughan together but it seemed a little rushed, like they hand out a couple times, she watches Interview with a vampire, he confesses and BAM love, but I am sure they had reasons and I got over it quickly.
     The love triangle or what I would call a love triangle was different and I think brought a bit more excitement and especially when one of the people is a crazy love sick vampire. I found the ending a bit blah it was not bad but not great either, although I am curious and I will be continuing on the book two right away as I have that one too.
   Lastly I want to say that this cover has a crazy haunting beauty that I liked and kinda fit with the book. so if you like vampire I think you should read this fun book.

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