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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Review- The Eslites, The Arrival

Title: The Eslites, The Arrival
Author: C.M. Doporto
Rating: 4/5
When Miranda, superior donor destined to save the Eslites, learns the human race is in danger along with the donors at Nidus, she decides it’s time for the Eslites to set her and her friends free. Against the odds, she sets out on a quest to convince US government officials that what the Eslites are doing to them is violating the current order in place. Will she succeed or will the Eslites continue to test human females in hopes of producing offspring to save their race?

My Review
This book was book of the week for a book club I am in and the author was kind enough to gift me an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review, which also included the prequel and that was cool and I will also review that one on goodreads so look for that :) I really enjoyed them both.
A few of the others in the book club chose not to read this one because it was Sci-fi and about Aliens, now I'm not calling them out I just say that to bring up my opinion, I enjoy Sci-fi for the most part but I am also very picky about it, I have been let down by a few books in this genre so I tend to tread carefully, this book however was not one that let me down and I believe the main reason for that was because the main focus is not really the Aliens but more about the adventure the main character, Miranda, embarked on and her determination to save not only girls on Nidus but so many others. I feel like it had more of a Dystopian feel than Sci-fi and since I love Dystopian I was just fine with that.
I am a big fan of a strong bad ass heroine and Miranda was one I became very interested in. She was very strong and in my eyes she had many set backs yet she found a way to power through and bounce back a bit:
"Mays are leaders. We never show weakness."
I am rooting for things to work out for her, I was from the start and with that insane ending I can not wait to find out more, I am very interested in what will happen in the next leg of her journey. Bryce was okay for me I liked him but I did not love him, he was sweet and he helped Miranda through a lot but I found him a little blah, However I do believe he is essential and I am glad Miranda has him for support, I just could not connect with him. Now I want to talk about Miranda's Dad but not to much cause the jerk face does not deserve it. I have heard of emotionally constipated but this guy takes the cake, I hate him!
I must add that I love this beautiful cover, It would have definitely drawn me in if I came across it and I like that in a cover.

I enjoyed many things about this book and I would like to continue the series and learn more.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Blog Tour Review- Gravely Imanimated

Title: Gravely Inanimated
Author: Esther Wheelmaker
Genre: Steampunk YA, Romance Adventure
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours
Rating: 4/5
Extra, extra, read all about it: Zombies Invade London!
It has been thirty years since England was plagued by zombies. Humans fear for their lives while the dead kill the living.
By the cover of night, a man known only as Aeron hunts these creatures. On one foggy evening he finds Lucille Knight's life in jeopardy and Aeron's interest is instantly peaked when he saves the young lady.
But Aeron will have competition when Lucy meets Lord Garrett Ashdown, son of the Inventor, Earl Thomas. 
Lucy is drawn to the masked man and equally mysterious Lord. With one concealing his true identity and the other hiding a ghastly secret, she does not know which one is less dangerous.
Will she be able to be with the man she chooses when she learns the awful truth?
It is still unclear. And the current edition isn’t spilling the beans just yet…

My Review
**I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review**
 I really liked the idea behind this book, I mean I don't know about anyone else but this is my first steampunk zombie novel, and I really liked it. I really liked the mix of old world charm, elegance, and tradition with the added bonus of the cool gagets, which I guess is steampunk but it was done very well! plus having Lucy close to the inventor gave an even better look at the gagets that were both functional for zombie killing and everyday life.
I enjoyed how complex Lucy was, She seemed to be broken over and over again but she grew from it. She did not have to do it alone though, and I was very glad for the countess since Lucy's father seemed very detached. I must admit I was unsure of the Countess and her motives at first, But Lucy and the Countess had a moment together that proved to me she was there to help and she told Lucy:
" That's what you haven't realized yet, my girl. She was not the only person you had in your life. Not anymore at least."
Lucy had a lot of men around her both good and bad, but Garrett had me from the start, I knew they would be good together he is the only one who loved her for not only her beauty but her spunk and determination, but not only that he stuck around when things got very very dark for her.
There were certain points that got a little slow for me but those were usually the parts shortly before the zombies came so it did get more exciting. The descriptions were very good and I had an easy time imagining the blood, gore and sheer adrenaline that comes with killing zombies.
When I fist saw the quote at the front of the book it had me very interested, but when I got to the end I realized how great it worked:
" A love that's formidable, revenge that must be taken and a voodoo Queen that roots fear in the hearts of the innocent; all while zombies eat people."
Overall I really liked this book and I am really excited for the next book in the series I have a lot of unanswered questions, and I am ready for more adventure.

Author Bio:
Her name is Esther Wheelmaker and she is the author of the new, Zombiepunk Series.
With Gravely Inanimated (book one) coming to life, she is pounding away on her typewriter to try and get book two out. However, she is easily distracted by sparkly things.
Her background is a mystery and all anyone knows is she loves hugs, corsets, steampunk, books and Mozart….
…Let's face it…Everyone likes a girl with a little mystery.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Review- Broken Prince (the broken ones 2)

Title: Broken Prince (The Brokrn Ones 2)
Author: Jen Wylie
Rating: 5/5
Sometimes, when you're broken, you can heal on your own. Sometimes, you need the help of your friends, your family, and the people you love. Keeping those pieces together when the world seems intent on ripping you apart is the greatest challenge of all. Especially when the ones you love, the ones who hold you together, start falling apart themselves. Arowyn and her family continue on their journey to return the Elven Prince, Shael, to his homeland before he fades and dies. A journey full of triumph and horror, love and sorrow, rips them apart with every fighting moment, and yet brings them together as a family. They don't allow the prophecy to rule their lives. Some don't believe, some don't care. Prophecies aren't written in stone. Events can change. People can change. They are only words. From besieged cites, to the elusive Were and wild Fey, nothing quite prepares them to face their deadliest of enemies, one they didn't know existed.

My Review
* I received this book form the author in exchange for an honest review*
I read book one for a read to review and the amazing Jen Wylie was kind enough to send me book two. Since I was so in love with book one I was very very excited to read this one, and I am now even more in love with this series! A truly epic fantasy filled with adventure prophecy and most of all the lengths people will go for the ones they love....our family.
On the surface this may seem like just a story of a strange group of people who have some how become a family, on a long journey to return one of their own home before the unthinkable happens, but it is so much more than that. The prophecy adds a back round and a mystery that is beautifully woven in with my most favorite part of this book, and that's the deep love, understanding, and loyalty these characters have built with each other. I absolutely love all of these characters and I am constantly in awe of how such a diverse group of people can come together and show such strength and support in times of need. The layers that constantly form make this story more and more fantastic and epic with every page, and I want everyone to know Jen Wylie's writing is beautiful and captivating.
It fascinates me how beautifully tragic this story is, I felt so many things I was whipped from heartbreak and loss to love and joy. I found the core of this story to be very relate able and it may seem odd since it is a fantasy land filled with Elves, Fey, Were, human and more but at the center our feelings and ability to know right from wrong is the same.
"Rot it all" why does this book have to be so awesome, I was so upset when it ended, I can't wait for the next because I want to return to this beautiful place and I want to know when they will be together again and if they will find the answers they need and deserve. Again I will say I CAN NOT wait for the next book and I really really hope I do not have to wait long!!!!!
Oh and also I must say this cover is beautiful I also loved book ones cover they are as hauntingly beautiful as the books.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Cover Reveal- Untimely Return

Title: Untimely Return (Book Two)
Author: J & L Wells
Genre: New Adult, Time Travel Romance
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

An awakening tick of the grandfather clock, its rusty hands moving once again, slowly, in reverse.

Thirteen years have passed since Heather’s sudden and unexplainable disappearance. An ultimate betrayal sparks anger, awakening vengeful spirits from the past as Dannika steps into the role of leading lady.

Being thrown back into the nineteenth century brings with it the return of familiar faces, and the rekindling of intricate love triangles. Will Dannika have the strength to fight off unwanted suitors and the benevolent forces held within Freesdon Manor?

Author Bio:
Mother and daughter, Judith and Laura, writing duo from Staffordshire, England. When they are not writing they are busy looking after, and walking their four beautiful dogs. They are  presently working on a number of different genres, and are really excited to see Regina Wamba work her magic on their forth coming covers. They are both very happy to be published by Jeff and Amber Bennington of  Nexgate gate press, Jeff is a big inspiration to them both due to his success with his own novels. The authors are presently looking forward to the release of An Untimely return, the second in the untimely series. 
Author Links