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Friday, 2 August 2013

Blog Tour Review- Untimely (An Untimely Romance book 1)

Title: An Untimely Romance
Author: J & L Wells
Genre: New Adult, Time Travel Romance
Rating: 4/5
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours
Heather Richardson is a seventeen-year-old British girl whose life quickly becomes an emotional roller coaster when she meets Ruben Brown, a controlling twenty-four-year-old man who works for her father at Freesdon Manor. As much as Heather wants to love Ruben, the cracks in their relationship begin to show as her eighteenth birthday draws nigh.

In a surprising turn of events Heather is confronted by Frank, an intriguing man from a past that dates back to the nineteenth century. His untimely presence changes everything.

When she’s thrown back in time by an unrelenting force, Heather realizes that her life is not what it appears to be. Her future has already been written, and it seems she cannot escape her fate, a fate determined by a love lost long ago. In her struggle to find herself, Heather must chose her destiny amidst a dangerous love triangle, vengeful lovers, and passions controlled by the hands of time.
 My Review:
I Received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.
 To be honest when I first stared reading this book I had forgot what it was all about, of course I had read the summary when I signed up for the blog tour but I did not re-read it before starting the book. With all the mystery in the beginning I was glad I chose to do it that way I felt it made the story much more exciting. I really enjoyed the setting of an old hotel on the English country side, and the descriptions were so well done I was able to get a perfect vision of the beautiful place both in present day and in the nineteenth century.
The only reason I did not give this book a 5 out of 5 was Heather's dependency on Ruben. I was so annoyed with her at certain points wondering what in the world could this girl see in this gross guy that had showed her his true colors right off the bat yet she continued to pursue him. This of course is my personal opinion but at certain times I was so turned off by the way he treated her and her running after him asking for forgiveness.
"theirs was certainly a love-hate relationship, yet one Heather didn't want to, or couldn't release herself from."
Now that being said thank goodness for Frank and his old world charm, he really brought life and love to this story.
I loved the writing it was great how they transitioned from past to present gracefully, the dialog matched the time period and the imagery of the grand parties held in the past made me feel like I was on the sidelines waiting for a dance.  What I thought was going to be a ghost story became so much more, it was a story of finding love, being loyal to those you care about, and also about finding who you truly want to be.
The sweet and tragic ending had me very curious about the next book, I believe I have an idea, but judging by the mystery and unexpected way book 1 unfolded you just never know.

Author Bio:
About J & L Wells: J & L Wells is a UK based mother daughter team, consisting of Laura and her mother Judith. Together, they write compelling fiction and are currently working on book 2 of the Untimely Romance series.
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