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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Guardian Of Time (Shardwell series book 2)

Title: Guardian of Time 
Author: A.Gerry and C. Hall
Series: Shardwell Series book 2
Rating: 5/5
Goodreads Summary:
Magic, Demons, arranged marriages, and war.
Margariete, is a young sheltered princess who wants to marry for love and when she thinks her father has arranged a marriage for her to an older man she runs away and learns something of her world and about trust and loyalty. She also learns about her new developing powers, and makes new friends.

My Review:

  I received this book free in exchange for an honest review, I was also gifted book 1 and after reading it about a month ago I was very glad to get time to read this one and I was not disappointed  this book was excellent and in my opinion better than the first.
 When I started I was expecting something different but I am very glad it was the way it was, weaving a beautiful story that answered a lot of questions I had after book one. I loved the old world charm in this book, Love and loyalty filled with duty and sacrifice that comes with tradition and birthright, throw in some evil kings and a plot for revenge and I loved every second of the story that unfolded.
 I loved the characters in this one just as much as the first maybe more. The twins Raeylan and Margariete strong is their love for each other and their younger brother, determined to save each other, the ones they love and the people of their kingdom. I was as blind sided as they were by the betrayal of a close friend and the crazy events that unfolded quickly just when I thought they were safe. I also found myself heart broken by Elsiwen`s tale, she wished to be a loyal friend to Raeylan and Margariete and so many hardships stood in her way and I see many more to come in her future.
I have so many more questions as to what will happen next, how do they all end up on earth, and how will Reaylan save them. I was so skeptical of him in book one but I know have faith and I am rooting for him. I MUST CONTINUE THIS SERIES!!!!!! I love the direction it is headed and I can not wait to see it all come together.
 So as you can tell I absolutely loved this book and I would recommened it to anyone especially if you love action, mystery and a bit of fantasy.